The best marble comes from Carrara, in Italy, and the best lapis-lazuli from the mountains of Afghanistan. Many of the best designs and many of the most splendid sculptures have arisen from using it. It comes from the ground. It comes with the strength of natural products.

In contemporary gastronomy there is a permanent challenge to which chefs like Marco Gomes are subjected: that of embracing the artistic dimension contained in the conception of each new dish without ever losing touch with tradition.

A tradition that advises us to use traditional produce as much as possible, because it is from these that the true meaning of who we are emanates, and from them comes the passion for life experiences that are engraved in our memories.

For a man like Marco Gomes, who comes from a family from Alfândega da Fé, in the extreme north-east of Portugal, and for whom cooking was another manner of communicating and sharing, content and the form have a similar function in gastronomy to that which we understand in many artistic movements.

Just as an artist intends to use the best, most suitable and sometimes most daring materials in order to transmit a point of view, Marco Gomes also tries to find the greatest expression from local produce. Then he presents them wrapped in a manner intended to seduce one’s gaze.

Marco Gomes, who is widely known due to his connections to other projects or due to his regular appearances in the media, is opening the kitchen of Oficina to collaboration with a veritable rainbow of artistic expressions. The intended desire is an ambition to see art and gastronomy coming together in an irresistible union. Life is made up of passions; and these are some of the passions of our lives.